Aesthetics plays an important role in the expression of Christianity.  Apart from the doctrinal creationism, beauty finds other channels to take form—especially in Catholicism and Greek Orthodox.  With the former, most people would be familiar with the Gothic style architectural structure of the many famous basilicas.  On the one hand, these buildings show great diligence of the artistic detail in design; on the other hand, they reflect much theological perspectives of the architect. (Read more)





At the morning I wrote this article, George Stephanopoulos from ABC interviewed Walter Isaacson, the author who wrote the biography on the late Apple’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs.  During the interview, Isaacson discussed what he says in the book that Jobs was “not exceptionally smart but he was a genius.” He explained that he made that statement to describe how Jobs was able to connect artistry with technology.  Compared to Jobs, Bill Gates is someone who has a brilliant mind but lacks that quality Jobs possessed.  I suppose the world of ipods, iphones, and iPads have shown us the significance of integration of art and technology.  While the technology drives our economy and the way we live, art somehow frames and guides that drive.  The world that Apple has created comprises of both elements.  It is not well defined without either one.  I wish I can say the same for the North American Chinese churches. (Read more)